A repository for websites and other sources of information related
to the monitoring of coastal environments.

What is the purpose of Coastal Monitoring?

Having worked in the coastal environment for over 20 years, my experience is that decisions in coastal management and coastal adaptation are often made without sufficiently detailed knowledge of the current processes causing shoreline change, such as erosion or inundation. Coastal monitoring, in its many forms, provides important clues and evidence of these changes.


The purpose of this non-commercial website is to provide a single access point for information about existing coastal monitoring projects with a web presence, and to share this information with others in the coastal community. 


This website was established in May/June 2015 following numerous conversations in the past about investments and activities in coastal policy, planning and adaptation (to climate change). It became clear to me throughout these conversations that there is a general lack of understanding of the physical processes shaping the coast as well as sufficiently detailed and accurate longer-term data to explain the current condition of the coast, let alone it's future shape and behaviour. These conversations with land managers, industry colleagues, academics and other people interested in the physical changes occurring at beaches focused initially on the coast of Tasmania in the early 2000s, and then more recently also the coast of Victoria (Australia). 


The main focus of this website is the collation of web links to existing beach profile monitoring projects around Australia. However, information about other types of coastal monitoring projects in Australia as well as the rest of the world can also be found here. This website aims to provide a "one-stop-shop" for a variety of coastal monitoring projects, that collectively, help provide a more complete picture of areas of monitoring activities. 

This website relies on your contribution. If you are aware of monitoring projects, websites, manuals or other information, please share this information via the Contact menu or send an email to 


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Dr Werner Hennecke, Melbourne (Australia), June 2015


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Collaroy/Narrabeen Beach, NSW

Photograph taken by Dr Werner Hennecke

Date: July 2016


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